• GP45/8PD  4" Flex Pad
  • Use to mount sand paper, felt wheel or disc on your power tools.
  • Choose from rigid, best for flat edges or rubber for bullnose.
  • 5/8"-11 arbor, Hook and Loop, Max RPM 4000.
  • Backer pad of choice among fabricators, tile contractors, monumentalists and restoration workers.

The Alpha® Flexible Backer Pads

  • They are hook and loop backed and will accept Ceramica, Sandpaper and Felt Wheels.
  • All users of polishing equipment will love the quality and long life of these backer pads.
  • Extremely flexible, these backer pads are ideally suited for tough contours and inside curves, allowing the user to get in tight corners with ease.
  • Whether you are a fabricator, tile installer, monumentalist or restoration worker, Alpha® Flexible Backer Pads are for you.
  • Highly resistant to the rigors of daily use, these flexible backer pads are the best on the market.

The Alpha® Rigid Backer Pads

  • For straight edge or flat surface polishing applications. We realized that Ceramica, with a flexible backer pad, was too flexible for these applications and produced wavy finishes.
  • Alpha® Rigid Backer Pads served to eliminate the wavy finish by keeping the Ceramica flat to the polished surface.
  • Although not the best alternative compared to Twistouch Turbo for this application, fabricators and tile contractors use it with good results.
  • Restoration workers find that the rigidness of the pad enables them to work in small areas such as corners or staircases.
  • Large machine manufacturers recommend flexible diamond discs for use on their automatic edge polishing machines specifically for the bullnose application using the Alpha® Rigid Backer Pad.
  • Hook and loop backed, like the flexible pads, they also accept Ceramica, Sandpaper, and Felt Wheels.
  • The Rigid Backer Pad reduces surface distortion and wavy results on straight edges.
  • Available in 3”, 4” and 5” sizes, the Rigid Backer Pad is exclusive to Alpha Professional Tools®.

GP45/8PD 4" Flex Pad

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