• Sigma Kera Cut ART # 8E3 11'

NEW TILECUTTER “KERA CUT” The new generation of porcelain (gress) tiles are extremely thin (3mm, 1/8”) and incredibly large (3000 mm x 1500 mm,120” x 60”). Rising to meet this challenge – sigma is proud to present. The kera-cut cutting system the newest addition to the sigma line of tile cutters. The sigma kera-cut is specifically designed for these types of tiles whether they be laminated or pressed, as well as large sheets of glass and many other applications up to 6/16” (10mm) thick. The sigma kera-cut is made out of anodized extruded aluminium and stainless steel wich ensures accuracy and longevity. A triple ball bearing system makes scoring the tile smooth and accurate and also eliminates the need for maintenance even after years of use. The massive tiles are held in place using either suction cups or the lateral turning supports. The bottom of the cutting bar is covered with non-slip rubber for excellent grip during the scoring process. He scoring wheel is also equipped with a ball bearing. The handle engraving has a dual position to favor speed or strength of incision. Sigma kera-cut tile cutters are available in 2 different sizes: Article 8C – 60” (152cm) Article 8E – 118,5” (301cm) All sigma products are designed with the highest quality engineering and materials. Invention covered by international patents. 1 Year warranty.

Sigma Kera Cut ART # 8E3 11'

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