• Warm Tiles Uncoupling Membrane Cable DMC2113 240v/1392w/5.8a (112-130sq)

Affordable Luxury. Even in warm climates, tile and stone floors can feel uncomfortably cold. Simple to measure, install, and control, Warm Tiles floor warming is an affordable luxury that can be installed in uncoupling membranes over concrete or plywood subfloors.

  1. Warm Tiles Electric Floor Warming Cable for Uncoupling Membrane is the easy-to-install, reliable solution for your floor warming project.
  1. The cable was specially designed to be used with all available uncoupling membranes, so installation couldn't be simpler.
  1. Cable can be laid directly from the spool into the membrane in whatever configuration you need, and its custom engineered geometry guarantees a secure fit.
  1. Once the cable is installed, tile installation is easy: no self-leveling or scratch coat are required.
  1. Note also that floor temperature sensing thermostats are provided with a sensor cable that must be installed in the floor at the same time as the heating cable/mat is installed.
  1. Relays can be used in conjunction with a thermostat to control large heated areas EasyHeat offers relay kits for use with thermostats.

Warm Tiles Uncoupling Membrane Cable DMC2113 240v/1392w/5.8a (112-130sq)

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