• Montolit DNA Mesh Diamond Gold Blade

DNA Montolit is an high technology system of variable arraying diamond particle that is revolutionary for the mass production of Diamond Cutting Tools. Arrangement and positioning of diamonds in both the mix and placement on the cutting tool like projected. Uniquely the Tri-dimensional structure of the DNA translates to equality of levels, so when the upper diamond level is used up, the next level is ready to substitute it with the same fantastic characteristics.

  • Excellent to cut: Porcelain tiles, clinker, thin porcelain slabs, single fired ceramic tiles, terracota, granite and natural stone.
  • Good to cut: double fired glazed tile and marble.

  • Utilization: Dry and wet use
  • Height band diamond: 11 mm
  • Application: laying tiles
  • Speed: Very high
  • Finish: Very high
  • Life span: Very high
  • Use: angle/flexible grinder

Montolit DNA Mesh Diamond Gold Blade

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