• TASK Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets

If you use an impact driver, then you should be using impact ready driver bits. Standard driver bits generally aren't strong enough to withstand the high levels of torque generated by impact drivers. A typical impact driver can apply upwards of 1,600 in-lbs of torque and 3,600 impacts per minute. This puts considerable strain on driver bits, causing them to heat up, which can lead to metal fatigue.
TASK TOOLS has three new Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets that are specifically designed to reduce cam-out and breakage under high levels of non-reactionary torque. Each set consists of ten 2" long bits conveniently housed in a carabiner carrier. The bits are made from proprietary S2 steel, which is harder than the commonly used 8650 grade of steel. The S2 steel has been modified to make it less brittle, while still retaining it's superior strength.

TASK Impact Driver Bit Carabiner Sets

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