• Milwaukee (48-73-6050) Stabilizer Performance Knee Pads

The MILWAUKEE Stabilizer Performance Knee Pad is designed to be the most secure with maximum comfort. The large flat cap provides increased stability while working in a stationary location. The layered gel knee pad absorbs pressure and supports the knee for ultimate comfort all day long. These knee pads are built with a hinged thigh strap for better mobility for easier movement around the jobsite.

▪ Large Flat Cap
▪ Increased Stability
▪ Layered Gel
▪ Absorbs Pressure & Supports the Knee
▪ Hinged Thigh Strap
▪ Better Mobility
▪ Pressure Reducing Foam
▪ Foam Maintains Shape
▪ Robust, Durable Cap
▪ Longest Life
▪ 2 Secure Adjustable Buckles
▪ Dual Material Lower Strap
▪ Cushioned Adjustable Thigh Strap

Milwaukee (48-73-6050) Stabilizer Performance Knee Pads

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