A Multipurpose frame for handling last generation slabs that now are becoming bigger and heavier.
Projected with galvanized telescopic iron tubes ( unique in the market) SUPERLIFT is able to maintain rigidity also under pressure of elastic and thinner slabs avoiding dangerous bending movement that can break the slab or damage the tiler.( The slabs right before the installation can be lifted, twisted, switched in vertical, moved even in narrow places.
Superlift it’s easy to disassemble to make it lighter and compact during transport, it is completely modular in order to create several configurations depending on the slab's type and shape. Moreover, in addition to the standard configurations with 4 suckers, they are available on catalogue extra suckers that can be added everywhere on the frame, for working on heavier tiles or fragile materials.
The suckers, the main part of this system, have important dimensions ( 200mm/ 7,8”) and they are equipped with a double warning check through an analogic pressure manometer and a red line indicator directly on the pump system.
Projected with a technical silicon-based rubber that doesn’t leave color on the slab, they are easily movable in every position along with the frame, based on the tiler needs.
The locking system that holds the suckers to the frame is efficient and intuitive, this makes the procedure of moving and adjusting the suckers really fast, accurate and safe.
The handles at the end of the bars are made in ergonomic and anti-slipping rubber, they are also equipped with plastic supports on their back to hold up the entire structure and to easily lay the slab vertically on the wall avoiding scratching the floor.
The telescopic handles system able the tiler to handle slabs until 380cm in length.
The wheeled system support is an innovation in this field, thanks to it the operator can transport the slabs on the wheels without any fatigue, also the gluing is simplified.

SUPERLIFT + WHEELED SYSTEM SUPPORT makes this tool the ultimate kit for handling and lifting slabs.

Montolit (Art. 300-70SL-M0B) Superlift Kit w/ Wheels

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