1-7/8″ SDS-max® Rotary Hammer

Part number: RH850VC
Product Code : 51211
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

1-7/8″ SDS-max® Rotary Hammer

Style: SDS-max rotator hammer

Bosch provides innovative professional power tools for the commercial industry that meet the highest standards for speed, precision and durability, helping to achieve excellent work results. Bosch is the fastest, longest lasting rotary hammer brand designed to outperform the competition in both speed and performance. The Bosch RH850VC SDS-max rotary hammer provides best-in-class performance – with an impact energy of 12 feet, it is the hardest and fastest drilling SDS-max hammer in its class. The Bosch RH850VC also includes a triple threat vibration control system: a longer hammer tube and a longer cushion reduce vibration levels and improve hammer performance, the adjusted mass damper further reduces vibration in the hammer mechanism, and a decoupled main handle completes the vibration control system. Bosch hammers have reduced vibration without any reduction in performance.

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