1 In. x 8 In. x 13 In. SDS-max® SpeedXtreme™ Rotary Hammer D

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1 In. x 8 In. x 13 In. SDS-max® SpeedXtreme™ Rotary Hammer D

Style:13″ Length  |  Size:1″ Diameter

BOSCH SpeedXtreme SDS-Max drill bits deliver 100% carbide heads with four-cutter design, making them the toughest, long-lasting bits for drilling in reinforced concrete and hard aggregate. The bits provide 5x life vs. Competition. The bits are engineered using proprietary diffusion-bonding technology, which bonds carbide and steel at a molecular level. It’s a precise high-heat, high-pressure solid-state welding process that produces jobsite-proven bits. BOSCH is the only concrete bit manufacturer to make its own carbide, and 100% Quality check on each and every single bit. The bit has a four-cutter design with 180° cutting diameter and 100% power transfer during drilling. The active-centering tip results in Rounder hole, while the four 90° side angles create a wide and sharp head keep driving precise holes. The four-flute design aggressively pulls dust away from the work, for fast drilling and longer bit life.

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