40V MAX XGT® Cordless L.E.D. Lantern/Flashlight, Flashlight

Part number: ML002G
Product Code : 216160
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Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

The 40V max XGT® Cordless L.E.D. Lantern/Flashlight is a versatile work light providing ultra-bright illumination and convenience. There are three L.E.D. lighting modes: 360-degree lantern, 180-degree lantern, and flashlight mode. These versatile settings allow the user to select between lighting a wider area or a specific task or work surface.

The efficient 40V max XGT® 4.0Ah Battery (sold separately) delivers 16 hours of continuous illumination on a single charge in the 360-degree lantern mode, up to 29 hours in the 180-degree lantern mode, and up to 51 hours in flashlight mode. For added convenience, use the built-in USB port for charging portable electronic devices and the metal hang hook which swivels 360° and folds away for added convenience.

XGT is a system of equipment, tools, batteries and chargers utilizing 40v max lithium-ion batteries. XGT is engineered to deliver high power to take on high-demand applications, allowing users to completely transition to a cordless job site. XGT is equipped with advanced brushless motor engineering, intelligent digital communication, and superior durability features to outpower, outsmart and outlast the rest.


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