48″-79″ XTL LEVEL

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  • Designed at the request of leading door and window manufacturer, the XtL levels were created to cover more than 80% off all door and window installations
  • XtL expands and locks to the exact size needed for any project
  • Two XtL levels cover the same range as the 5-6 level sets normally carried by door and window installers
  • The XtL48 can be your standard 48″ workhorse, yet it can double as your jamb level and accurately handle all window and door sizes up to 79″
  • XtL is a big level in a small package, it’s half the length of the level it replaces, compact and easy to carry
  • Strong re-enforced frame
  • Fully sealed solid rail (six sided) extension eliminates flex and deflection, and delivers the smoothest extension movement available
  • One horizontal (level) and one vertical (plumb) vial


  • Commercial carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Construction
  • Engineers
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