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G13SC2 5″ 11-Amp Angle Grinder:   Includes: Spanner Wrench (937913Z) Abrasive Depressed Center Wheel (1pc) (727565B10) Side Handle (318312) Wheel Guard …
  • 11 Amp motor delivers forcible output power (2,000W) for the toughest grinding jobs
  • Low-Profile head, Permits access in tight areas
  • Dust-Proof construction prolongs armature, Switch and bearing life
  • Dust seal, Prevents dust from entering the ball bearing on the commutator side
  • Removable side handle, Improves control and comfort
  • Trigger Lock-On for comfortable continuous operation
  • 6.2 lbs Compact and lightweight design facilitates maneuverability and is excellent for overhead applications
  • Available wtihout Lock-On switch G13SC2P9


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