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Availability: In stock

Stabila 38532 78″/32″ Type 96M Magnetic Jamber Set

The Stabila 38532 Set includes one 38632 32″ and one 78″ Type 96M magnetic level

  • Type 96M
  • 78″ level features magnets positioned over to stick to hinge leaves for hands free use even on wooden door jams
  • 78″ level also features a bridge over the horizontal vial allows uninterrupted scribing and greater frame strength
  • An excellent set for installing door jams
  • Heavy duty Stabila Type 96M magnetic levels
  • Strong, flush-mounted, rare earth magnets for hands-free work
  • One Horizontal (level) vial
  • Two Vertical (plumb) vials
  • Extra rigid rectangular aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs
  • 2 milled measuring surfaces
  • Excellent for vial down, overhead measurement
  • Vials feature spring steel hairline indicators inside
  • Patented, epoxy-locked vials never have to be adjusted
  • Rubber end caps are removable for flush measuring in corners
  • End caps feature patented red pads for gripping walls and flat surfaces
  • Life-time guarantee on level accuracy
  • Vials will never leak, fog or need adjusting
  • Readable in all directions with no change in accuracy tolerance
  • Certified Level Accuracy (in top read position): 1/32″ over 72″
  • Bent levels void the warranty
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