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Sigma Workbenches 63E and 63F with Accessories for Prepping Large Format Tiles

Every professional tiler knows that working with large format tiles requires special equipment. The Sigma workbench is a common tool used by professionals as it is durable, lightweight, and versatile. It also comes with a variety of accessories like Sigma tile risers, clamps, and replacement rails that make the job easier. Here are some important accessories and workbenches available by Sigma and where you can find the equipment you need to complete your large format tile installation.

Sigma Aluminum Workbenches for Prepping Large Format Tiles

Aluminum workbenches are ideal for preparing large format tiles. The aluminum material is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport to each workstation, but it is robust and durable to bear the weight of heavy tiles. Here are two Sigma tile prepping tools for working with large tiles.

Sigma Aluminum Workbench 63E 180 cm x 100 cm

The Sigma aluminum workbench 63E is designed with a lightweight and sturdy frame and adjustable bars to create greater voids for safe tile cutting. The legs fold under the table to make it easy for transport and disassembly. To create a larger support plane, workbenches can be connected to each other.

Sigma Aluminum Workbench 63F 180 cm x 150 cm

Like its smaller model, this Sigma aluminum workbench is ideal for cutting large format slabs and tiles. It supports the weight and size of large tiles and is demountable and modular for easy moving and set up. Multiple accessories can be attached such as the Kera-Cut cutting guide, or the bench mounting kit for Simple Bevel.

Sigma Workbench Accessories for 63E and 63F

With the right attachments and accessories, you can be even more efficient on the worksite. Here are some of the accessories available when working with these Sigma aluminum benches.

Sigma 63EP Extensions for Sigma Workbench 63E

This sigma extension accessory for the Sigma workbench takes the dimensions from 180 cm up to 270 cm. This makes it far easier to work with even larger format tiles, especially slabs that require cutting for installation. There are four extension planks in each kit, at 90 cm each.

Sigma 63FP Extensions for Sigma Workbench 63F

This extension kit comes with six 90 cm planks that take the workbench from 180 cm to 270 cm.

Sigma Tile Risers for Sigma Workbench 63E and 63F

This pack of 50 Sigma tile risers or spacers is designed for use with the Sigma workbench 63E and 63F. They raise the tile 12 mm above the worktable.

Sigma Replacement Rails for Sigma Workbench 63E and 63F

If a 63E or 63F rail was broken during transport or from wear and tear, Sigma offers replacement rails, so installers don’t need to purchase a new workbench. These Sigma replacement rails are 180 cm x 13 cm.

Sigma Tile Clamps for Sigma Workbench 63E and 63F

Keeping tile slabs sturdy while cutting is essential for a clean job, but despite their heavy weight, they can still shift while on the workbench. These Sigma tile clamps are a must-have accessory when working with such large and heavy tiles. They clamp the tiles to ensure there is no movement, so your cuts can be precise. This kit comes with two clamps and they are designed to work with the Sigma workbench 63E and 63F.

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