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  • Use QEP’s Backerboard Scoring Knife to make accurate cuts in cement backerboard. This scoring knife features 2 carbide tips that resist abrasion, maintaining their sharper cutting edge and ensuring accurate cuts and durability. Designed with a comfortable, non-slip grip, this backerboard scoring knife is easy on the hand during repeated use
  • Makes accurate cuts in cement backerboard
  • Carbide tips for toughness and durability
  • Slip-resistant grip for safe use
  • Use to accurately score cement backerboard during installation
  • Long lasting carbide tips for superior durability
  • Designed with 2 carbide tips for straight cuts
  • Rubber handle with non-slip grip for comfortable repeat use
  • Carbide tips resist abrasion and maintain a sharper cutting edge, for cleaner, smoother cuts

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