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The Battipav AGILE System handling system is a practical helper when cutting and installing large-format tiles.  The AGILE System is a construction consisting of articulated joints and adjustable sliding modules, which provide great flexibility and the ability to create different configurations according to the requirements of the installation. The construction includes castors for easier sliding in space. Thanks to it, handling even large-format tiles will be much easier, faster and less strenuous. The safety of the tile is ensured by 6 high-quality suction cups with pressure control. Horizontal modules can be set in the range of 1720 – 3300 mm, vertical modules can be set in the range of 840 – 1580 mm.

AGILE System consists of:

  • 2 expandable longitudinal profiles equipped with a total of 6 high-quality suction cups with durable rubber for a perfect fit even on rough surfaces,
  • 2 expandable cross sections,
  • pressure gauge for continuous monitoring of the vacuum level during use,
  • trolley set with a pair of wheels (one fixed and one swivel) and two support legs for easier transport of tiles.

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