Bulldog SDS-plus® Shank Anchor Drive Drive Set

Part number: HC2309
Product Code : 52623
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

Bulldog SDS-plus® Shank Anchor Drive Drive Set

The Bosch Bulldog™ Hex Drive Screw-Anchoring Rotary Hammer Bit is for use with masonry fastening systems/hex sleeve drive tools. It has a 1/4 In. hex shoulder for a drive sleeve used to set masonry screws. The bit delivers fast drilling and enhanced durability. These jobsite-proven bits are 15% faster than standard rotary hammer bits, and they feature Bosch-made carbide for long life. These bits feature a carbide tip, helping to deliver outstanding durability under heavy loads. The centric conical tip guides the bit through concrete, while enhanced flute design aggressively pulls dust away from the work, for fast drilling and longer bit life.

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