Frued 1/2″ Mortising Bit

Part number: 16-560
Product Code : 215176
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Freud Mortising Bits are designed to deliver clean, precise, splinter free mortises in plywood, veneer, solid wood or almost any composite material. Most of these bits feature a down shear design that helps eliminate splintering by pushing wood fibers down during the cut. Ideal for mortising hinges and hardware, or cutting grooves and dadoes. These bits are designed with deep center gullets for maximum material removal without chip loading. Use in any CNC or portable router.

Down shear design on most bits for clean top surfaces
Deep center gullets for fast chip removal
Use on CNC, hand-held and table-mounted portable routers
Available with top bearings to suit popular routing jigs
Freud Perma-SHIELD® Coating

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