FSC2.0X SuperCut – TOOL ONLY 120V 60Hz

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Availability: In stock

FSC2.0X SuperCut – TOOL ONLY 120V 60Hz

Supercuts basic set quick change. includes FS2.o cutter plus 1 63902185 long life blade, 1- 63902186 long-life blade, 1 63502147 blade, 1 63502148 blade, 1 63502162 blade, 1 63502 163 blade, 1 63502164 blade, 1 63502165 blade, 1 73806129 sanding pad, 5-63717083 80 grit sanding sheet, 5-73717085 120 grit sanding sheet, 5 63717088 180 grit sanding sheet, 1 63733005 adaptor to use MM accessories. High performance motor, high quality components, outstanding ergonomics. The Fein Supercuts is a unique, premium performance system for building and renovation. Fast, strong, versatile and durable, it not only makes your work go 350% faster, it meets the toughest tool demands. Exceptional know-how, that translates into huge benefits for building trades and industry. The Fein Supercuts Interior Set is an ideal professional tool that gives you versatility to use E-Cut saw blades for wood, plastic, drywall and metal. This tool allows for precise cuts, even in tight, difficult to reach areas. This is the tool for the professional who wants to get there work done faster with precision. A high quality, durable power tool that will help make you more profit.


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