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Availability: In stock

    • Features : • Designed for a single user with combined weight up to 352 lb, including clothing, tools and equipment. • All straps are made of 100 % Polyester webbing, UV treated & abrasion resistance, with a breaking strength of 6000lb. • 1 dorsal D-Ring attachment to match any foreseeable fall arrest working condition with a breaking strength of 5000lb/22KN. • Ergonomic design for a proper fit. • 5 adjustable buckles, on the shoulder, chest & leg straps. • 2 lanyard parking attachment, breaking under 120lb. • Regular mating buckles on the chest strap. • Two fall indicators on the back torso straps. • One size fits all – Fully adjustable. • Practical bag for storage and transportation. • Certified to CSA Z259.10-2018 standards. >> This TWXpert® Full Body Safety Harness is the Professional choice for all roofers and/or those who have to work at height in a safe and supported hands-free position, providing maximum Safety, Comfort & Flexibility. The Full body harnesses serves to better distribute the forces of a fall to suitable areas of the body and keep the body upright should a fall occur. Ergonomic design for a proper fit. All straps are made from pure, non-recycled 100% polyester material having the strength, aging, abrasion and heat resistance characteristics. All structural stitching patterns are of high breaking strength 6000lb to keep you safe, secure and supported. TWXpert® Harnesses are designed and tested to comply with applicable CSA standards for fall protection equipment when used as a component in a personal fall arrest system or personal restraint system.
    • Brand Name : TWXpert
    • Cube Size : 4913.00
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