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Availability: In stock

For Polishing with Powder

The Alpha Felt Wheel is a very popular material for the final buff process in stone fabrication. Alpha Felt Wheels are hook and loop backed buffing wheels designed for use with polishing powders, polishing pastes, and polishing bars to bring out a deep glossy finish on marble and delicate granite edges such as ogees & bullnoses. Marble fabricators love the luster they obtain. Monumentalists like the durability of the Alpha Felt Wheel. Tile contractors rave about the glossy finish they can present to their customers. We designed Alpha Felt Wheels specifically to hold up to the acidic contents of most polishing compounds and the heat that is typically generated during the final polishing process. Alpha Felt Wheels are 1/4″ thick and have the perfect degree of hardness versus softness. These factors combined with the easy use of the hook and loop backing, make Alpha Felt Wheels the best available final polishing discs for marble.

Can be used for Floor Polishing Application Tool

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