Ntch Trowel-3/8 x 3/8 SQ-DuraSoft Hdle

Part number: 754SD
Product Code : 19326
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Availability: In stock

This MARSHALLTOWN notched trowel is an essential tool for laying vinyl flooring or carpet. The notches in this professional quality trowel control the depth and amount of adhesive applied. MARSHALLTOWN notch trowels are available with a variety of notch shapes and sizes. Known for excellent quality, this MARSHALLTOWN trowel is made with a hard tempered steel blade and an aluminum-alloy mounting that are perfectly balanced for optimal control and ease of use. A DuraSoft handle provides comfort and reduces fatigue.

  1. Aluminum alloy mounting riveted to a hard tempered steel blade
  1. Resilient DuraSoft® handle provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue, and offers excellent durability
  1. Curved handle
  1. Used to spread adhesive or mastic on the base surface before laying tile, carpet, or other floor coverings
  1. Notch style and size help to control depth and amount of adhesive applied
  1. Notch width = 1/4″, Notch Depth = 1/4″, Space between notches = 1/4″
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