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Availability: In stock

  • Features : • The Lacquer spray paint provides a high-quality colour and hard, durable finish. • Resists chipping, fading and peeling. • It’s breathable & waterproof. • For Indoor and outdoor applications: metal, plastic, cement, furniture, surfaces of ornament, coloring. • Can be used for complete surface covering or just touch-ups. • Sprays quick dry paint at high pressure in less time. • Paints the surface without dripping or staining. • Primer not required for most applications. • Size: 296ml (10oz). ProLine POWERSEAL™ Multi-Purpose Lacquer Spray Paint Line brings new life to any object and surfaces providing a high-quality colour and hard, durable finish. It is designed to be breathable & waterproof, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Resists chipping, fading and peeling. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as metal, plastic, wood, cement and others, and comes in a range of colours and finishes.
  • Brand Name : Powerseal

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