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Save a great deal of time and money during your next tile installation with the ProXTile® Levelling System. These clips and wedges are the best solution for eliminating tile lippage in all floor or wall tile projects. When used with ProXTile’s tile Levelling floor pliers and Levelling clips; this system prevents tiles from moving or warping during the curing process ensuring incredible-looking results every time. Whether you are a professional installer or a DIYer, this system will decrease the time it takes to complete a project and reduces installer fatigue. Levelling wedges can be removed from the clips when your thin-set mortar or adhesive has fully cured and be used multiple times. The clip’s easy snap-off design allows you to quickly break them off making your tiles ready for grouting in seconds.


  • Prevents tiles from moving or warping while thin-set or adhesive cures
  • Helps increase tile installation speed and reduces installer fatigue
  • Eliminates floor and wall tile lippage when used in conjunction with ProTile Levelling Clips
  • For perfect tile-to-tile Levelling and great for all floor and wall tiles of varied thicknesses
  • Made of PP material
  • Easy to remove once cured.
  • Can be re-used.
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