QEP LASH Tile Leveling, Aligning and Spacer Clips

Part number: 99724QC
Product Code : 214305
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Availability: In stock

The LASH Tile Leveling Clips (96-Pack) is part A of a two-part installation system engineered to level, align, space, and hold (LASH) large body porcelain tile, marble and stone during installation. This part of the system works by automatically aligning and spacing tiles. The wedge part B of the LASH system (sold separately) works by maintaining tiles at an even height until the mortar sets, thereby ensuring the resulting surface is level and free of slippage. The system is used by professionals to save time while providing level and consistently spaced results.

  • The first part of a 2-part system to level, align, space, and hold porcelain tile, marble and stone during installation
  • Produces 1/16″ grout joint, up to 1/4″ when combined with traditional tile spacers
  • Use with Part B of 2-part LASH system (not included)
  • Use on tiles up to 1/2″ thick
  • Small holes allow mortar to disperse evenly to eliminate potential voids
  • Anchor design keeps tile level throughout the installation
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