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  • The RUBI spacers are, without any doubt, a really indispensable range for obtaining perfect finishes in any installation work of ceramic tile.

    RUBI manufactures spacers for joints with a high quality base material and, for this reason, they do not present any type of imperfections or burrs.

    The professional planer is very aware of the importance of using high quality separators, since the finish of his work can be seriously damaged due to imperfections and irregularities.

    The RUBI spacers stand out for the regularity of their productions, the homogeneity of measurements and the absence of burrs and any other small defect. These particularities allow professionals who trust in RUBI spacers, T and wedges to obtain excellent finishes and with total precision.

    The internal geometry of the joints for joints from 5 to 12 mm is hollow and has a design with internal reinforcements that allows them to withstand stresses and prevent their crushing. This hollow design facilitates the entrance of the joint mortar and, if the type of installation permits, leave the spacers inside the installation joint without affecting the integrity of the joint in the future.

    The RUBI reinforced 5 mm spacers are crosspieces with greater rigidity, specially designed for use on large-format floor tiles. The underside of the reinforced 5 mm spacers is designed to offer a good settlement in the grip material and to facilitate, if the type of installation allows it, the crosshead is inside the installation joint without this being able to affect the integrity of it in the future.


    • For floor tiles.
    • Quality base material, without impurities or imperfections.
    • Hollow structure with internal reinforcements. Supports the tensions and allows to leave in the joint and grout over.
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