SDS-max® Demolition Hammer – Electronic VS

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Availability: In stock

SDS-max® Demolition Hammer – Electronic VS

Style: Hammer

Product Description

Demolition Hammer, Amps @ 120V 14.0, 18.4 Impact Energy (Foot-Pound Force), 900-1890 Strokes Per Minute, SDS Max Drive System, Features Service Reminder Light, Padded Rear D-Handle. Tool Length: 22.5 inches. Tool Weight: 22.5 lbs. Includes carrying case.

Toolhounds know the old saying regarding a tool that does only one job, but does it like nothing else can. That ?? s certainly the case with this demolition hammer from Bosch. It may not be versatile, but it absolutely does its job.

This model is a favorite because it ?? s so user-friendly, weighing in at under 23 pounds and about as many inches in length ?? practically diminutive next to its competition. Its power, however, is not at all relative to its size, offering a range of impact energy from 4.4 to 18.4 ft./lbs. and up to 1,890 blows per minute, reducing tough concrete to dust.

Part of the beauty of this hammer is that it actually doesn ?? t want you to do the work for it; we found that exerting force on it actually slows you down. Instead, firm, steady pressure got us the best results. We particularly like the design of this hammer; instead of the traditional linear approach, Bosch built it more like a pistol, and that may (or may not, we ?? re not rocket scientists) be part of why so little vibration is felt. The rear handle is generously padded, and the auxiliary handle rotates 360 degrees so you can set it exactly where you need it. Another check in the ergonomics column comes from the electronic feedback system and the soft start it provides, keeping torque to a minimum.

Bit changes are fast and easy with the SDS-max system. Just twist the bit and push it in until it locks into place automatically, and you ?? re ready to work. The vario-lock is an ingenious feature that lets you position your spade or gouge at exactly the attitude you need. While in the vario-lock setting, you just rotate the locking sleeve to one of 12 positions at 30-degree increments, and an easy twist of the locking sleeve secures the bit in position.

The variable speed dial lets you choose from six speed settings, appropriate for chipping everything from plaster work up to concrete, and the circuitry will keep your set impact rate constant between no-load and load conditions.

It ?? s an investment, to be sure, but this tool will pay you back in spades. –Kris Jensen-Van Heste

What ?? s in the Box
Hammer, auxiliary handle, carrying case


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