SDS-max Speed-X 1 3/8 x16/21

Part number: HC5081
Product Code : 52707
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Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

SDS-max Speed-X 1 3/8 x16/21

The Bosch SpeedX® Rotary Hammer Bit features high drilling speed bit in concrete, with inclined side cutters and a compact head. With a carbide bit tip (and four-cutter design), each SpeedX® rotary hammer bit is optimized for fast performance in larger SDS-max® rotary and combination hammers. And Bosch is the only concrete bit manufacturer to make its own carbide, ensuring quality. The bit is designed with a four-cutter head design, offering inclined side cutters for destructive power during drilling. In addition, these bits stay sharp and delivers more holes within specification. The bit features large two-flute design dust channels, which helps to ensure fast dust removal. It has s a compact head to transmit drilling power and help ensure fast dust removal. The active-centering tip is designed for accurate starts. It guides the bit through concrete. The bit features a wear mark indicator to help ensure hole accuracy.

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