Starlock Plus SLP E-Cut saw blade Long-Life BIM 50

Part number: 63502161290
Product Code : 61440
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

Starlock Plus SLP E-Cut saw blade Long-Life BIM 50

Tamaño:2-9/16 x 2″

2-9/16″ Long-Life BiMetal Blade ideal for cutting nails embedded in wood during long hard renovation projects. These blades will outlast all other oscillating blades even after cutting over 500 penny nails! The teeth are designed for cutting for metal, wood and plastics to be cut all day long. 3x’s the service life in snot unexpected compared to the competition while delivering a fast straight cut. Stepped shape for sawing flush to the surface. Can be simply plunged into the material at any point, no clearance necessary behind the work piece. Wood teeth, bi-metal, for all wooden materials up to 2-Inch. Saw blade with high cutting speed, extremely powerful with extra-long service life. Ideal for all crafts including general contracting, flooring, tile and bathroom renovation. Also, due to the Starlock mount this will fit almost all oscillating tools.

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