Starlock Plus SLP Finger-shaped Carbide Rasp TC 1-

Part number: 63731002210
Product Code : 61800
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

Starlock Plus SLP Finger-shaped Carbide Rasp TC 1-

Carbide finger rasp for oscillating tools for wood, stone and other materials. Perfect for grinding up the fine set after removing a bad or broken tile. Use the Rasp to remove the thin set so that you can lay the new tile flush with the other pieces. The 3-1 / 8 “point-to-point is an aggressive sanding head bonded with silicone carbide. The carbide shotgun can be cleaned for reuse when overloaded, providing longer shotgun life. Also used extensively to quickly grind old paint onto wood or metal and then sanded again with sandpaper to restore the finish. Finger allows it to fit into tighter places. Starlock systems allow you to fit most oscillating tools.

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