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Availability: In stock

UCAN TORPEDO® BOLT is an excellent anchoring solution for medium duty applications. TORPEDO® is now available in zinc plated and mechanically galvanized carbon steel, as well as types 410 and 316 Stainless Steel. For this reason, TORPEDO® can fulfill the widest variety of applications in the most economical manner.Matched with a standard UCAN ANSI tolerance drill bit, this fastener exhibits consistently high load values. UCAN TORPEDO® BOLT installs quickly leaving the clean appearance of a finished hex washer head on the working surface.


  • Available in both mechanically galvanized carbon steel and 316 Stainless steel
  • Grade 316 stainless UTB for high corrosion resistance applications. Also for exterior anchoring in normal environmental condition
  • Use with UCAN standard ANSI compliant drill
  • Fast installation and reduced edge distance requirements, compared to mechanical expansion anchors
  • One piece fastener with finished hex washer head
  • Unique thread pattern facilitates ease of installation
  • Anchor can be set with an impact or manual socket wrench
  • Underhead serrations.
  • Removable–Ideal for temporary anchoring applications.
  • Reusable– Reusing the anchor reduces the holding power and is not recommended.
  • Anchor size is stamped on head for easy identification and enhanced quality control after anchor Installation.
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