4″ 200g GAMMA PAD

Part number: GAMMA200
Product Code : 195895
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Availability: In stock

4″ 200g GAMMA PAD

Introducing the 4″ Gamma Wet Pads for Engineered Stone and this is just what you need. These pads are specially designed for engineered stone– engineered stone is 93% quartz and 7% poly resin. It is hard and abrasive so it is notorious for wearing out polishing pads way too fast! Gamma pads are designed to give you long life and a perfect finish. They are so good that they are specifically endorsed by Caesar Stone– and are recommended in the Caesar Stone fabricating manual! These pads are available in 50 grit, 100 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit, 1500 grit, 3000 grit and the buff pad– and all of them are online, so pick up the sizes you need while the price holds. These are hook and loop backed and designed for use on any wet polisher. If you work with engineered stone and want to match the finish… these are the pads we recommend for you!

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