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Availability: In stock

The 6 piece RTC Hole Shot Dry Hole Saw & Drill Kit requires no water and are the latest in Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology and features an anti-spin hex shaped shank and petroleum wax filled cooling in the core. The RTC Hole Shot Dry Hole Saw Kit easily cuts through a variety of material such as hard porcelain, quarry tile, slate, ceramic, marble, travertine and granite and offers bit sizes that are ideal for installing grab bars, towel racks and shower door installations. Can be used with any handheld drill (800-2500 rpm) or drill press.

  • For use when water is limited or not an option
  • Utilizes the latest in Vacuum Brazed Dry Diamond Technology
  • Diamond bits can drill up to 30 holes without water
  • Easily drill through a variety of tile and stone including porcelain and granite
  • Bits sizes ideal for installing grab bars, towels racks and shower doors
  • Includes suction drill guide for more accurate placement
  • Individual replacement bits sold separately
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