Part number: LITE3X10BLK
Product Code : 196181
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Availability: In stock

Product description

Fitted for a standard 3″ x 10″ air vent opening. The integrated vent cover can use the surface material to create a seamless cover. Aria Lite Vent Cover is the minimalist vent cover for the perfectionist. The price-conscious alternative to the Aria OG. Made in high-grade ABS plastic, this is our strongest model that can withstand heavy foot traffic and commercial applications. Technical Features Retrofit into existing surfaces. Compatible with any surface material: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, drywall. As long as the material is thinner than ¾”. Air Flow – No air flow control — vent remains open at all times. Child Proof – Designed to catch items that kids can drop down the ducts. Pet Proof – Flat with no crevices or grilles for our furry friends to get caught in. Easy Cleaning – Pop out inner tray for easy duct cleaning.

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