Level Screed Alum 2.5m

Part number: 120408
Product Code : 3345
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

  • Features : • Helps create a true plane surface when laying concrete. • Quickly removes excess concrete to bring the top surface to the proper grade. • Achieve a smooth, level surface on which to lay your preferred floor finish. • Designed with two molded handles for ease of use along with two high visibility levels and plastic end caps to decrease chances of marring surrounding surfaces. • Manufactured with high-impact aluminum for added strength and durability. >> Achieve professional results with the Tooltech Xpert® Level screed. This tool will assist the concrete finisher to prepare the subfloor for the laying of the chosen floor finish by leveling excess wet concrete, to bring the top surface to the perfect grade and smoothness. Built with high-impact aluminum for maximum durability, these screeds are available in 3 lengths, are designed with 2 molded hand holds, 2 levels for accurate readings and 2 plastic end caps. Perfect for professional installers and DIYers.
  • Brand Name : Tooltech Xpert
  • Cube Size : 0.00
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