• Sigma Water Saw 10M1

Suitable for cutting and bevelling all materials used in the construction trade. Their lightweight space-saving features make them easily transportable. The sheet steel structure is protected against corrosion by galvanization and painting with high-resistance epoxy paint. The sealed induction motor requires no maintenance. The switch is also sealed, and is fitted with a device protecting against restarting in case of power supply interruptions. Supplied complete with diamond blade; continuous-crown, but close-tooth and turbo blades can also be fitted according to the material and thickness to be cut. Consult the chart on page 17 to choose the right blade. (Only for Art. 9P 9M 10M 9D 9L). The rotating diamond blade is bather in water from the lower tank, depositing all dust produced during cutting. The tank containing cooling water and cutting wastes can be easily removed for rapid cleaning. Built to CE standards. Models with sliding table mounted on bearings are more practical and precise, allowing cutting and bevelling to be performed simultaneously at any tilt angle and/or diagonal angle on a wide range of workpieces. The swivelling measurement bar supporting the workpiece can also rotate up to 45° in both directions, and can be easily removed to allow workpieces of unlimited length to be cut. 30" Cut

Sigma Water Saw 10M1

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