Part number: BGRT-4-4
Product Code : 180625
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

The V-Groove tile bit from ITM features their own unique carbide head precision design that uses carbide serrations to evacuate fine dust. With a no-walk carbide pointed tip, you can place the bit in the exact spot you need to make a hole and keep it there while starting to drill.

Perfect for new bathroom fixture installations, our customers most often use these during bathroom, shower, and window upgrades / remodels.

These V-Groove bits are recommended for use on tile, granite, porcelain, marble, and ceramic.

Fast drilling speeds and lubricant are recommended when using these drill bits. ITM highly recommends using the pulse & push drill method while wetting the heads to keep them from overheating and burning up. Check out this video that demonstrates the proper drilling technique for using these bits on porcelain tile.

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