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Availability: In stock

QEP, 10036Q, 6″, Locking Contour Gauge, Perfect For Duplicating Any Shape For Easy Transfer To Tile & Other Surfaces. The QEP 6 in. Locking Contour Gauge is a must have for your installation project. This gauge is ideal for going around pipes, round columns, conduits and irregular shaped walls, eliminating the need to guess the dimensions of irregular shapes and wasting material. Quickly create a template for any shape by pressing the gauge against an object. Then, lock the contour gauge and copy the shape onto the surface to be cut with a China marker. The locking feature makes moving the gauge and tracing the shape simple.


  • Precise contour duplication of any object for flooring or molding installation
  • Locking feature holds pattern in place while transferring pattern to tile
  • Durable plastic teeth will not rust or deform over time
  • Great for marking precise cutouts in vinyl, wood, porcelain and ceramic tiles, just press against object and then copy the shape onto flooring with a China marker to make a precise cut
  • Can also be used for base molding, chair rails, crown molding and finishing door and window frames
  • Easily forms around any shape for a precise template which reduces waste when having to guess the dimension of irregular shapes
  • Lightweight and small profile for easy portability
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