Part number: GLM100-23
Product Code : 224298
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Availability: In stock

This BLAZE™ 100 Ft. laser measure is a fully featured tool with a brighter graphic display and new user-interface design for easier measuring. The graphic display illuminates numbers with distinct resolution, for work in low-light or no-light conditions and better readability. The display features intuitive icons, big-number mode and upgraded contrast to make it easier to read. The user-friendly layout features two-button operation: one for measuring, one for rounding. The rounding button is a unique function that allows user to easily round the measurement result from 1/2 In. up to 1/32 In. It has default real-time measurement mode, immediately providing accurate measurement that automatically adjusts closer to or farther from the target. The laser measure features an enhanced user interface, including a click wheel for easy setting and function navigation. Its keypad design includes a standalone recessed measuring button, to make it easy to distinguish just by feel. The grip is slimmer, making the laser easier to handle. This compact measurer is easy to carry and fits in your pocket. It features full rubber overmold housing, which helps protect every major point, with a design similar to a roll cage.

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