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Availability: In stock


Both professionals and homeowners place their trust in Empire levels. On the job for a major construction project or around the house for simple hangings, the em81 torpedo series works wonders. At up to 0.0005 inches of accuracy, three leveling angles, and high contrast surroundings, you’ll almost always be able to see that bubble and know it’s in the right spot. Visibility is easier than ever before with the intuitive slot built into the top. This lets you view these levels from as many angles as possible, meaning you don’t have to be physically holding it to get your measurement. The onboard magnets help even more with this convenience. They work in tandem with the v-grooves that allow them to slide onto and maintain a grip on your piping. With all of these features, along with a sturdy aluminum build, you can bet it was made in the USA. You can also bet that if the level’s right, you’re working with Empire.

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