12″125 1DP-20MMB S45

Part number: 534972110
Product Code : 223577
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Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Part of the silver series of blades, the Vari-Cut S45 is specially designed for cutting diverse types of concrete. The blade features two alternate segment designs for lower vibrations, less friction and better slurry evacuation.


  • OPTIMAL CUTTING EXPERIENCE Developed for the smooth and fast cutting of various types of concrete, including reinforced concrete.
  • INNOVATIVE SEGMENT DESIGN The combination of Flat and Turbo segments is ideal for smooth and efficient cutting in concrete applications with handheld power cutters and low-powered floor saws, protecting the blade from excessive friction against the kerf walls.
  • SMARTER FEATURES Clear visual indicators show: the blade’s side clearance, a life indicator for when it’s time to change the blade, cutting depth and blade wear. An arrow shows the direction of the blade and uses a colour that corresponds with the application.
  • CUTS FASTER, LASTS LONGER Segment height increased to 12 mm for a 15% faster cut and a longer blade life of up to 20%, depending on the application.

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