4-1/2″ Angle Grinder

Part number: GA4534
Product Code : 35207
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

4-1/2″ Angle Grinder

The Makita 4-1/2 in. Angle Grinder (model GA4534) has a small diameter barrel grip (only 2-3/16 in.) with paddle switch for added comfort and a refined design at only 4.2 lbs. For reduced operator fatigue. The paddle switch desgin includes no lock-on for added user preference. The side handle Is positioned at an increased 20â° angle for added comfort and control. The Makita angle Grinder is ideal for welders, fabricators, masons, maintenance/repair and more.

From the Manufacturer

Makita’s new GA4534 has the smallest barrel grip on the market and is the most compact lightweight paddle switch angle grinder in its class on the market. Makita has shown once again how to take an industry leading tool and refine it to make it better. This grinder incorporates labyrinth construction and zig-zag varnish to seal and protect the motor and bearings from dust and debris, which Makita has established as an industry standard for best-in-class angle grinders.

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