7/64″ Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

Part number: CO4134
Product Code : 52042
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

7/64″ Cobalt Jobber Drill Bit

Size: 7/64-Inch

Product Description

Through 80 years of developing innovative tools and accessories for the concrete professional, BOSCH has become the recognized leader in the industry. With a robust lineup that can tackle everything from the toughest concrete drilling tasks to material removal, BOSCH is a company whose legacy is written in concrete. If your project requires concrete work, from polishing and anchoring to material removal, there is only one place to turn for a complete solution. Trust BOSCH to provide the professional grade tools and accessories to get the job done right. Ideal for removing large area material from lime, gypsum, hard finish plaster, sandstone, and abrasive concrete. The carbide bond even withstands loads caused by strongly abrasive materials. Optimal use – asphalt, fresh concrete, pumice stone, screed concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum, cast asphalt, soft limestone and gypsum mortar. It can be used on basalt, old concrete, stone concrete pipes, natural limestone, quartzite and sandstone.

From the Manufacturer

Bosch cobalt drill bits offer the best heat resistance and rigid thick web design for drilling in extremely hard and abrasive materials such as treated stainless steel, cast iron and titanium.

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