7″ Large Angle Grinder w/ Rat Tail

Part number: 1772-6
Product Code : 17711
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

7″ Large Angle Grinder w/ Rat Tail

Product Description

The BOSCH line of countersinks is ideal for deburring and chamfering openings to previously drilled holes. Ideal for electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors. BOSCH countersinks cut a variety of materials cleanly and precisely. With standard high speed steel and super hard titanium coated tips, these countersinks work very well on even the hardest materials.

From the Manufacturer

Bosch 1772-6 7-Inch Angle Grinder. Includes: Grinder, Wheel Guard, Auxiliary Handle, Flange Kit, Spanner Wrench.

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