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Availability: In stock

  • Features : • This product produces less frication reducing heat; which greatly decreases the likelihood of warping and product damage. • For use on wall tile; floor tile; porcelain; slate; stone; and hardened grout. • Workbench 8-inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade delivers clean and superior cuts while being resistant to rigorous wear. • Use for dry or wet cutting for added versatility. • High RPM delivers constant contact with cutting material resulting in a more precise and smoother finish than segmented blades. >> The Workbench 8” Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade delivers clean and superior cuts on all your projects. Manufactured with durability and longevity in mind; these blades produce less friction and heat then standard blades; greatly increasing the product’s life and reducing potential warping. Working quickly; this blade will precisely cut through materials such as marble; porcelain; ceramic; slate; stone and hardened grout. Trusted by masons; tile installers and contractors; this saw blade is the ideal choice for both trades professionals and DIYers.
  • Brand Name : Tooltech Workbench
  • Cube Size : 0.00
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