Bow Rake 14T w/Wood handle

Part number: 180035
Product Code : 3493
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

  • Features : 14″ Steel Tine Bow Rake with 54″ Wood Handle •has a broad tooth head for excellent coverage, and its brow shape adds strength and durability. •Suitable for loosening and breaking solid or compacted soil, and evenly spreading mulch and gravel in your garden •The tines are short, parallel to each other, and are perpendicular to the long straight handle • The head is of heavy steel with a black powder coating for more durability. • A 54-inch handle is durable and light-weighted. >>The 14″ Bow Rake can cut through the soils, gravel and loosen up debris while leveling your garden. It is also helpful for collecting debris like fallen leaves, grass, and other compacted materials in the garden.
  • Brand Name : ProYard
  • Cube Size : 0.03
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