Part number: DWHT11131L
Product Code : 151164
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Availability: In stock

The longest lasting utility blade in the world. DEWALT Carbide blades stay sharper 10 times longer than traditional competitive blades. DEWALT Carbide blades are designed to deliver increased blade life, maintain first-cut sharpness and offer snap resistance three key factors that today’s professional’s demand.

  1. Longest lasting blade on the job site
  1. Improved durability and wear lasts more than 5 times longer than competitive utility blades
  1. Tungsten carbide powder deposited through a high powered laser
  1. Tungsten carbide durability and hardness is second only to diamond
  1. Only a carbide edge allows rest of blade to remain flexible (carbide is much more brittle than steel)
  1. 50-pack

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