Collomix Bird Cage Style (Powder materials) Paddle

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Collomix KR120HF Hexafix Grout Mixing Paddle


  • For self-leveling materials, adhesives, sealants, fillers, epoxy mixes, etc
  • Material is swirled horizontally, with the components flowing up and down in accordance with the movement of the mixing tool
  • Fewer air inclusions in the material and generally higher shear forces prevent the formation of lumps
  • Easy to clean because material will not stick to paddle
  • 35 to 55 lbs mixing batch size
  • 4.0 -6.6 gallon capacity
  • 4-3/4″ Paddle Diameter, 23-1/4″ Paddle Length
  • Chuck size 3/4″ HEXAFIX


HEXAFIX Paddle Construction

  • Provides quick paddle disconnect
  • Ease of paddle cleaning
  • Positive paddle lock design
  • Hexagon design for power drills and Hexafix mixers

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