Part number: 04490
Product Code : 17152
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Availability: In stock

Stabila 04490 FLS90 Floor Line Laser System

The Stabila 04490 FLS90 Floor Line Laser System:

  • Catalog # 04490
  • Type: FLS90
  • Delivers exact 90º angle on the floor with razor-sharp laser lines with good visibility
  • Dual purpose base: on flat surfaces by positioning the claws face upward and on tiles with the claws face downward
  • A great tool for increasing productivity
  • Check the squareness of walls at a glance
  • Fast layout markup
  • Working directly on the laser line is more accurate and saves time
  • Tiles can be laid out with 100% accuracy
  • Chalk-lines are covered over with tile adhesive or easily rubbed away – laser lines remain visible.
  • Ideal for laying floor tiles, parquet, laminate, carpeting or PVC
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