Garage Push Broom 24in BR224G24

Part number: 222424
Product Code : 3571
Availability : In Stock


Availability: In stock

  • Features : 24 in. Stiff Bristle Garage Concrete Floor Push Broom Head is suited for virtually all applications over all surfaces. Tampico is a very resistant material, but with a very fine, delicate and smooth texture. It has abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for sweeping applications. The fibre is extremely strong and hard-wearing, and is resistant to attack by many chemical solutions and solvents. Being a natural fibre it has excellent anti-static properties, degrades completely naturally with no harm to the environment and is harvested from a completely renewable source. FEATURES Soft to medium texture with good durability. An overall “all purpose” broom that is ideal in any warehouse or indoor facility where fine particles need to be swept or picked up.
  • Brand Name : M2 Professional
  • Cube Size : 0.01

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